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Modernizing a Slave Economy: The Economic Vision of the Confederate Nation (Civil War America)

(Online library) Modernizing a Slave Economy: The Economic Vision of the Confederate Nation (Civil War America)

For individuals who cannot get by the day with out using Google to go looking out an merchandise on the Internet, Google Speaks is an enlightening guide to learn. the entrance cowl, or the half-title – and for modern books its back facet, known as the copyright page. The title web page gives you the author’s name, the total title, and the imprint (town, publisher, and date); it’s going to also often state the edition if it is anything other than the first. The copyright page will normally provide the date the e book was registered for copyright (not necessarily the identical as the publication date on the title web page) and coded details about which version and printing your copy is. That is important for collectible trendy literature, for instance.

There are quite a few books on John Deere machinery and historical past, and though I have not read all of them, those that do stand out are the next. Chances are you’ll discover that there isn’t any web page for e-books or online articles. That is as a result of the entire content material types here could be online. The classes here aren’t about bodily media, they’re concerning the intellectual content contained in the pages or bytes. Nonetheless, we’ve included notes about bodily media.

Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills is a guide that discusses methods to use for out there authorities funds. The e book offers information on over 3000 government, state and local grants and packages, that in accordance with Lesko, the federal government doesn’t want a lot of people to know about. Precisely what are an people possibilities of truly obtaining this “free money?” The truth is that the typical individual almost definitely will not qualify.

Creator: The creator title is used to populate the automatically generated title page and webbook touchdown web page. It is also included within the metadata file in your e-book. This area is required, and can default to your Pressbooks username if nothing is entered. For extra data on easy methods to add contributors, soar to the Contributors section.

Book Description : What would separate Union and Confederate countries look like if the South had won the Civil War? In fact, this was something that southern secessionists actively debated. Imagining themselves as nation builders, they understood the importance of a plan for the economic structure of the Confederacy. The traditional view assumes that Confederate slave-based agrarianism went hand in hand with a natural hostility toward industry and commerce. Turning conventional wisdom on its head, John Majewski’s analysis finds that secessionists strongly believed in industrial development and state-led modernization. They blamed the South’s lack of development on Union policies of discriminatory taxes on southern commerce and unfair subsidies for northern industry. Majewski argues that Confederates’ opposition to a strong central government was politically tied to their struggle against northern legislative dominance. Once the Confederacy was formed, those who had advocated states’ rights in the national legislature in order to defend against northern political dominance quickly came to support centralized power and a strong executive for war making and nation building.

Performance and Motivation Strategies for Today’s Workforce: A Guide to Expectancy Theory Applications

[Free pdf] Performance and Motivation Strategies for Today’s Workforce: A Guide to Expectancy Theory Applications

Book Note : Although considered the best approach to motivation in terms of theoretical soundness for some 25 years, expectancy theory was considered lacking in applications. For the first time this book presents an application model that gives practical value to the expectancy theory of motivation thus enabling managers to use it to improve individual and organizational performance. While other theories of motivation provide a theoretical framework for thinking about and understanding what motivates people in the workplace, the application model presented here for the expectancy theory of motivation goes far beyond this to provide a practical framework for diagnosing and solving individual motivation problems. Emphasis is not on simple motivation problems with straightfoward solutions, but instead the focus is on how to handle difficult motivation problems, and how to deal with them in difficult circumstances, such as when the manager does not have all of the resources or authority needed to solve the problem.The application model has a bottom-line, problem-solving orientation with a focus on the individuality of employees. The book describes specific things managers can say and do to identify potential and existing motivation problems in the early stages before they get out of hand. Techniques for determining the causes of individual motivation problems are presented. Practical solution approaches are offered along with guidelines for choosing solutions that match problem causes and suggestions for effectively implementing the solutions. The core of the application model is found in a one-on-one format for managers to follow in working with individual employees to jointly identify motivation problems, causes, and solutions. The principal contribution of the application model rests with the special ways presented for dealing with difficult motivation problems when the manager’s hands are tied relative to the solutions that can be offered.

Observe that a name is required for a contributor to be created. However, you may select to both fill out the Identify” subject or the First Identify” and Final Name” fields. The First Name” and Last Name” fields will override the Identify” subject if info is entered in both places.
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Let your little one maintain the book and turn the pages – children like to be actively concerned and to have some management over the ebook reading. Don’t fret if she skips some pages – the objective is to make the guide an pleasant experience and studying every page is not a must” at this stage.
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Start the day with pancakes and authors! This ticketed event is geared towards youngsters ages eight-12 (or at equivalent reading degree). Competition middle grade authors will mingle with attendees and talk to them about their books. All kids should be accompanied by an grownup. Introduced with support from Garner Foods.

The classic guide on statistical graphics, charts, tables. There’s reading quick, after which there’s reading heaps. A mix of the 2 goes to be the best way to supercharge your reading routine, however every is effective on its own. The truth is, for many individuals, it’s not concerning the time trial of going beginning-to-finish with a e-book or a story however moderately more in regards to the story itself. Pace reading does not really help once you’re reading for pleasure.

Lawlessness and Economics: Alternative Modes of Governance (The Gorman Lectures in Economics)

(Download ebook) Lawlessness and Economics: Alternative Modes of Governance (The Gorman Lectures in Economics)

Snippet : How can property rights be protected and contracts be enforced in countries where the rule of law is ineffective or absent? How can firms from advanced market economies do business in such circumstances? In Lawlessness and Economics, Avinash Dixit examines the theory of private institutions that transcend or supplement weak economic governance from the state. In much of the world and through much of history, private mechanisms–such as long-term relationships, arbitration, social networks to disseminate information and norms to impose sanctions, and for-profit enforcement services–have grown up in place of formal, state-governed institutions. Even in countries with strong legal systems, many of these mechanisms continue under the shadow of the law. Numerous case studies and empirical investigations have demonstrated the variety, importance, and merits, and drawbacks of such institutions. This book builds on these studies and constructs a toolkit of theoretical models to analyze them. The models shed new conceptual light on the different modes of governance, and deepen our understanding of the interaction of the alternative institutions with each other and with the government’s law. For example, one model explains the limit on the size of social networks and illuminates problems in the transition to more formal legal systems as economies grow beyond this limit. Other models explain why for-profit enforcement is inefficient. The models also help us understand why state law dovetails with some non-state institutions and collides with others. This can help less-developed countries and transition economies devise better processes for the introduction or reform of their formal legal systems.

Copyright license information will show on the copyright page in your ebook and PDF exports. Within the webbook, license data shows in the Metadata part on the webbook homepage, as well as the footer of every particular person chapter, entrance matter section, and back matter part. Notice that every chapter can have its personal chapter-level license set that is distinct from the e book’s overall copyright license, and that this chapter-degree license will override the guide-stage license in all codecs.

A formal appraisal will price money and may be needed for sure conditions (insurance coverage protection and claims, tax deductions, etc.), but for a lot of different functions you possibly can look up helpful information about your e-book(s) on your own utilizing sources which are obtainable on the Web and in public and academic libraries. Go to Do it yourself to study more.
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Making a tradition of service, efficiency, and operational excellence does not happen by likelihood. You can also create a customized copyright notice that overrides the default notice created by Pressbooks. Any content material entered into Copyright Discover section will override the routinely generated statement when an All Rights Reserved license is chosen, or be added to the generated assertion when one other license is chosen.

Top-of-the-line things that you can do to provide your clients great worth for his or her cash is to ensure that your ebooks are content-rich and extremely informative. Creating an data product to promote is a straightforward course of. You do not have to be a trained author to write what others will need to read and you do not have to have plenty of capital to get began either. All you want is a hot subject and a strategy to tell folks about it.

Steuervorteile mit Kindern: Leitfaden fuuml;r Familien und Steuerberater (German Edition)

[PDF] Steuervorteile mit Kindern: Leitfaden fuuml;r Familien und Steuerberater (German Edition)

By way of our Huskie Books and Gear accomplice, Follett Greater Training, NIU college students can entry FREE eBook, courseware and shipping programs, as well as deadline extensions, throughout this time of non-face-to-face studying. Go to the campus retailer website for all applications and extra data. School can discover FREE Entry to Lumen Learning OER Courseware to help supplement content and additional assets.

That being said, you will also tremendously recognize your efforts to maintain correct records when tax time comes around. Nothing is extra painful than making an attempt to scrounge collectively actual numbers from records which are both sketchy or non-existent.

Another factor chances are you’ll need to think about, since amassing will get a lot more complicated when you might have plenty of books, is whether you already know as a lot as it is advisable learn about your passion. There could also be some actually cool methods you possibly can study to make issues easier.
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In recent times, the guide had a second life within the form of reading aloud. This is referred to as public readings of printed works, with the assistance of skilled readers (often identified actors) and in shut collaboration with writers, publishers, booksellers, librarians, leaders of the literary world and artists.
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Snippet : Dieser kompakte Leitfaden gibt einen umfassenden Uuml;berblick uuml;ber Steuervorteile und Gestaltungsmouml;glichkeiten mit Kindern. Von Familienleistungsausgleich uuml;ber Elterngeld, Kinderbetreuungs- und Ausbildungskostennbsp;bis hin zu Erbschaftsteuer und den steuerrechtlichen Mouml;glichkeiten bei Vermouml;gensuuml;bertragungen werden alle relevanten Themenbereiche verstauml;ndlich und praxisnah behandelt.nbsp;Mit zahlreichen konkreten Tipps zur Umsetzung richtet sich das Buch an Familien undnbsp;Alleinerziehende sowie an Steuerberater.nbsp;

How China Became Capitalist

(Library ebook) How China Became Capitalist

Read Snippet : How China Became Capitalist details the extraordinary, and often unanticipated, journey that China has taken over the past thirty five years in transforming itself from a closed agrarian socialist economy to an indomitable economic force in the international arena.The authors revitalise the debate around the rise of the Chinese economy through the use of primary sources, persuasively arguing that the reforms implemented by the Chinese leaders did not represent a concerted attempt to create a capitalist economy, and that it was ‘marginal revolutions’ that introduced the market and entrepreneurship back to China. Lessons from the West were guided by the traditional Chinese principle of ‘seeking truth from facts’. By turning to capitalism, China re-embraced her own cultural roots. How China Became Capitalist challenges received wisdom about the future of the Chinese economy, warning that while China has enormous potential for further growth, the future is clouded by the government’s monopoly of ideas and power. Coase and Wang argue that the development of a market for ideas which has a long and revered tradition in China would be integral in bringing about the Chinese dream of social harmony.

The State Library of Kansas works with Kansas libraries to provide digital library books for all residents, which incorporates downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. Simply because you are interested in data product creation, that doesn’t imply you must develop into an author. You can choose to outsource the writing of the product. After all, that may value money and you’ll have to rigorously consider whether or not you need to make that funding. The choice is yours.

Because of this we must know the importance of holding information and with truthful and full information This may allow our faculties to be updated and respond to any question or fill any kind about our school with out difficulties. Spritz has yet to launch something associated to its know-how, however there’s a bookmarklet known as OpenSpritz , created by , that lets you use the Spritz reading methodology on any text you discover on-line.

Hardcover books have a stiff binding. Paperback books have cheaper, versatile covers which are typically less durable. An alternative choice to paperback is the shiny cover, otherwise often called a dust cover, found on magazines, and comedian books. Spiral-bound books are certain by spirals fabricated from metal or plastic. Examples of spiral-sure books embrace academics’ manuals and puzzle books ( crosswords , sudoku ).
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I once took a velocity studying class during which we would learn whole books in half-hour and full a 20 minute reading comprehension quiz. While the books had been brief, Of Mice and Men” and The Outdated Man and the Sea,” come to thoughts, I was astonished to seek out that I (along with most of the class) might learn a hundred-one hundred fifty pages at round 800wpm after a few weeks of practice with eighty five-90% comprehension in such a brief period of time. The important thing for me was first to cease vocalizing phrases mentally and then to chunk” information by reading increasingly phrases in a single look. Sadly, concentrating with that level of depth compelled me to miss out on the essential mental doodling that takes place while reading at a extra comfortable pace.
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