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How China Became Capitalist

(Library ebook) How China Became Capitalist

Read Snippet : How China Became Capitalist details the extraordinary, and often unanticipated, journey that China has taken over the past thirty five years in transforming itself from a closed agrarian socialist economy to an indomitable economic force in the international arena.The authors revitalise the debate around the rise of the Chinese economy through the use of primary sources, persuasively arguing that the reforms implemented by the Chinese leaders did not represent a concerted attempt to create a capitalist economy, and that it was ‘marginal revolutions’ that introduced the market and entrepreneurship back to China. Lessons from the West were guided by the traditional Chinese principle of ‘seeking truth from facts’. By turning to capitalism, China re-embraced her own cultural roots. How China Became Capitalist challenges received wisdom about the future of the Chinese economy, warning that while China has enormous potential for further growth, the future is clouded by the government’s monopoly of ideas and power. Coase and Wang argue that the development of a market for ideas which has a long and revered tradition in China would be integral in bringing about the Chinese dream of social harmony.

The State Library of Kansas works with Kansas libraries to provide digital library books for all residents, which incorporates downloadable audiobooks and eBooks. Simply because you are interested in data product creation, that doesn’t imply you must develop into an author. You can choose to outsource the writing of the product. After all, that may value money and you’ll have to rigorously consider whether or not you need to make that funding. The choice is yours.

Because of this we must know the importance of holding information and with truthful and full information This may allow our faculties to be updated and respond to any question or fill any kind about our school with out difficulties. Spritz has yet to launch something associated to its know-how, however there’s a bookmarklet known as OpenSpritz , created by , that lets you use the Spritz reading methodology on any text you discover on-line.

Hardcover books have a stiff binding. Paperback books have cheaper, versatile covers which are typically less durable. An alternative choice to paperback is the shiny cover, otherwise often called a dust cover, found on magazines, and comedian books. Spiral-bound books are certain by spirals fabricated from metal or plastic. Examples of spiral-sure books embrace academics’ manuals and puzzle books ( crosswords , sudoku ).
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I once took a velocity studying class during which we would learn whole books in half-hour and full a 20 minute reading comprehension quiz. While the books had been brief, Of Mice and Men” and The Outdated Man and the Sea,” come to thoughts, I was astonished to seek out that I (along with most of the class) might learn a hundred-one hundred fifty pages at round 800wpm after a few weeks of practice with eighty five-90% comprehension in such a brief period of time. The important thing for me was first to cease vocalizing phrases mentally and then to chunk” information by reading increasingly phrases in a single look. Sadly, concentrating with that level of depth compelled me to miss out on the essential mental doodling that takes place while reading at a extra comfortable pace.
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Asset Management and International Capital Markets

(Read and download) Asset Management and International Capital Markets

Book Note : This innovative volume comprises a selection of original research articles offering a broad perspective on various dimensions of asset management in an international capital market environment. The topics covered include risk management and asset pricing models for portfolio management, performance evaluation and performance measurement of equity mutual funds as well as the wide range of bond portfolio management issues.Asset Management and International Capital Markets offers interesting new insights into state-of-the-art asset pricing and asset management research with a focus on international issues. Each chapter makes a valuable contribution to current research and literature, and will be of significant importance to the practice of asset management. This book is a compilation of articles originally published in The European Journal of Finance.

Understanding the needs of the consumers will increase a fashion companies’ gross sales and income. By research and learning the customers’ lives the wants of the client could be obtained and assist fashion manufacturers know what developments the consumers are prepared for.

In the modern times, the manufacturing of fashion continues to be ongoing. The fashion industry in the modern instances is shifting at a very excessive speed. Totally different sorts of approaches have been launched. There’s also the infusion of expertise into the production of clothing supplies. Different kinds of refined stitching machines and tools have been invented. Gone are the times when fashion production is barely restricted to the native tailor or dressmaker alongside the street. At present, large companies have come into the fashion enterprise. Several fashion manufacturers have been established. A number of quality readymade garments, males’s wears, ladies’s wears, and even kids’ wears have been produced.

As will be anticipated, the clothes of the boys were extra comfy, as they only needed to deal with wearing pants as much as their knees, overcoats, linen shirts, knee socks and heavy footwear. In addition to these, the only addition to the wardrobe is a powder white wig. Other than displaying their gender, the garments throughout those instances also showed the standing of the one carrying it, which was reflected in the type of material used for the clothes.

Consistently evolving by designer inspirations and shopper enter, trendy fashion continues to reinvent itself through innovations and designs that break traditional boundaries. Highlighting developments in beauty products, DIY clothing and futuristic attire, Development Hunter’s fashion class has all the latest on what’s scorching for the time being in relation to fashion developments.

Capital Budgeting Valuation: Financial Analysis for Today’s Investment Projects (Robert W. Kolb Series)

[Free read ebook] Capital Budgeting Valuation: Financial Analysis for Today’s Investment Projects (Robert W. Kolb Series)

Read Snippet : An essential guide to valuation techniques and financial analysis With the collapse of the economy and financial systems, many institutions are reevaluating what they are willing to spend money on. Project valuation is key to both cost effectiveness measures and shareholder value. The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive examination of critical capital budgeting topics. Coverage extends from discussing basic concepts, principles, and techniques to their application to increasingly complex, real-world situations. Throughout, the book emphasizes how financially sound capital budgeting facilitates the process of value creation and discusses why various theories make sense and how firms can use them to solve problems and create wealth. Offers a strategic focus on the application of various techniques and approaches related to a firm’s overall strategy Provides coverage of international topics based on the premise that managers should view business from a global perspective Emphasizes the importance of using real options Comprised of contributed chapters from both experienced professionals and academics, Capital Budgeting Valuation offers a variety of perspectives and a rich interplay of ideas related to this important financial discipline.

Now that you’ve located a property that a purchaser wants, you will have to current all the data you got to your purchaser. Be sure your presentation looks professional and you have all data they need – together with property location, asking price, type of home or property, pictures inside and outside the property, and a brief evaluation. Just be sure you make the property very interesting so you can enhance your possibilities of sale.

Elders brokers are skilled and knowledgeable, with deep roots in their native communities. Our ongoing training and deal with innovation means that you’re getting the latest market info and reducing-edge advertising strategies to understand the most effective worth on your property.

Nevertheless, some property values are primarily based on subjective answers from residents residing in a certain house, so the given numbers , and real estate analysis could also be hanging on a wishful pondering as a substitute of an actual appreciation This is the place real estate auctions come in image, to inform potential purchasers in regards to the property, and the funding possibilities, giving them a transparent image of the true estate’s price.

The Nothing Down era was a startling eye-opener to the public. Only a few were aware of Allen’s predecessors, like Nick Nickerson, Al Lowry and Mark Haroldsen who wrote books on actual property investing requiring no money. Allen popularized the notion, and it was a robust public draw for his actual estate investing seminars.
Niche Property Belongings Defy Actual Property Doom And Gloom

Competitive Solutions: The Strategist’s Toolkit

(Download free pdf) Competitive Solutions: The Strategist’s Toolkit

Description : Competitive Solutions is an entertaining and wideranging introduction to successful business methods applied to a variety of real-world situations. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all premise that underlies so many guides to business strategy, Preston McAfee develops the intellectual tools and insights needed to confront many marketplace problems. Drawing on his broad experience as a consultant for major U.S. companies, as well as extensive research, McAfee emphasizes cooperation, pricing, litigation, and antitrust as vital to a firm’s competitive posture–and focuses more attention on these elements than do most business strategy accounts.McAfee begins by considering strategy as successfully applied by America OnLine, an example that introduces many of the tools discussed in greater depth throughout the book. From here he moves to industry analysis: By examining the context for developing a strategy, he points out uses of positioning and differentiation that enable a firm to weaken price competition and deter rivals from stealing customers. McAfee’s exploration of a product’s life cycle proves an invaluable guide to positioning new technology in order to maximize the potential for future customers.In the centerpiece of the book, McAfee lays out a how-to manual for cooperation, providing tactics crucial for setting standards, lobbying the government, and fostering industry growth. Writing in a conversational manner, McAfee also addresses such deep topics as organizational design and employee compensation and incentives. More detailed discussions examine antitrust enforcement, which is an increasingly important constraint on strategy, as well as strategies for pricing, bidding, signaling, and bargaining.This book is a fascinating examination of modern business strategy and its application in many different settings. Students of business and economics–as well as executives and managers–will recognize Competitive Solutions as an indispensable resource as well as a definitive vision of the strategic firm: one in which each element of company strategy reinforces the other elements.

Many designers use odd numbers to show junior sizes corresponding to 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, or 11. Junior dimension thirteen is normally the upper limit of sizes, however some designers extend their measurement vary to a dimension 19. Tops will usually be sized XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL and are shaped within the junior styling.
Opening A Clothing Boutique

Jeans within the Western gown code are worn by both men and women. There are a number of unique kinds of jeans discovered which include: high rise denims, mid rise denims, low rise jeans, bootcut denims, straight jeans, cropped jeans, skinny denims, cuffed denims, boyfriend jeans, and capri jeans.

Textile manufacturers use these development stories to start designing fabrics and patterns whereas fashion designers start to sketch preliminary designs. Throughout this time, designers often will slender down their selections of which designs to offer for sale. Whereas most designers initially sketch designs by hand, a rising number additionally translate these hand sketches to the computer. CAD permits designers to view designs of clothing on virtual fashions and in various colors and shapes, thus saving time by requiring fewer changes of prototypes and samples later.
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Once we placed on garments, we modify the form and outline of our our bodies—typically profoundly. The silhouettes we adopt are determined by all the things from shifting trends in fashion to what appears and feels good. This week, we explore how garments form the physique and the way cultural constructions of the body shape clothes.
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New Rules @ Work: 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

[Read free] New Rules @ Work: 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools, and Techniques to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

We’re a proud affiliate of the MD Anderson Most cancers Network®, which has been providing main cancer care for practically 80 years. With a wealth of experience and access to the most recent analysis and leading-edge cancer remedies, we’re right here to offer the care and expertise you want.

Tabbies is one other common model of Custom Medical Labels They’re well-liked for their allergy warning labels and authorization labels. The latter, for example, are rectangular labels, measuring three.25 inches in length and 1.seventy five inches in width, and are pink and white in color. Each bundle accommodates 250 labels for use. The insurance labels from Tabbies measure 1 inch in width and 3 inches in length, and include a bold ‘Insurance coverage’ message, to supply vital information to docs. The bright pink coloration of these labels helps catch consideration quickly.

f. Particularly for these medical assistants who’re working within the ER ward (Emergency Rescue Ward), if they get too attached to their sufferers, they are going to encounter self emotional breakdown whenever any of their patients handed away and some could not recover from this depression inside a brief time period.

Though student pharmacists couldn’t collect at Bass Concert Hall to rejoice their huge day, they still got to remove the student” from their title as the Class of 2020 graduated from the Physician of Pharmacy program in the course of the school’s digital commencement ceremony on Saturday, Could 23, 2020.

Book Note : For anyone who’s breaking in, moving up, or just trying to make a great professional impression, this essential guide offers real-life anecdotes and advice to help you build competence and confidence in the tricky arena of modern business etiquette. Includes:”Blunder Busters” – proven strategies to help you tackle anything from office dating to business lunches “Sir, your fly is unzipped!” – the art of verbal diplomacy Contemporary guidelines for goof-proof e-mail The top ten career killers and how to beat them Global gaffes: easy ways to avoid overseas embarrassment Grace under fire-surviving dining disasters, party faux-pas and everything in-between

Knockout Interview Answers (52 Brilliant Ideas)

[Get free] Knockout Interview Answers (52 Brilliant Ideas)

The Article : Knockout interview answers is a collaboration between best-selling business author Ken Langdon and human resources specialist Nikki Cartwright. Unlike the majority of interview techniques books this book steers clear of blindingly obvious advice such as not to wear track-suit bottoms or turn up drunk to your interview, and instead provides a way into the mind of the interviewer so that you can spot the likely questions and know how to answer them differently depending on the perspective of the interviewer.

Many firms spend a huge amount in analysis aimed at alleviating the efforts of standard and strenuous duties to make every day life simpler for all in such a hectic setting. Value can be a consideration in choosing the right service supplier and will depend on the process followed. Make sure that the corporate is ready to justify the value quoted.
There are lots of the explanation why people determine to name carpet cleansing services. Among the reasons include cussed stains whereas other individuals feel that an expert cleansing is required from time to time to keep the carpet cleaner and elongate the lifetime of the carpet.

Getting the very best deal is a top priority for most people procuring round for new flooring in Denver. You wish to make sure you dont overpay to your flooring, and flooring retailers know this. Oftentimes, what seems like the best “deal” in flooring really isnt while you take a detailed have a look at what youre really paying for and why.
There are many the reason why folks resolve to name carpet cleansing providers. A few of the causes embody cussed stains while different people really feel that knowledgeable cleansing is required occasionally to maintain the carpet cleaner and elongate the life of the carpet.

Tip #1: For finest outcomes, ask for a free session and estimate from knowledgeable cleansing company. They know what to use and the way to make carpets look their best. In lots of instances, if mold has grown on carpet, cleansing is not going to be attainable. If progress has occurred on more than one space of the carpet, or if there is a giant area of progress, the carpet will probably must be replaced.
There are many reasons why people resolve to name carpet cleaning providers. Among the reasons embody cussed stains whereas other individuals feel that knowledgeable cleansing is required every now and then to keep the carpet cleaner and elongate the lifetime of the carpet.

Carpets are nice flooring to any home however retaining it tidy will probably be pretty difficult. Sure it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner to eradicate the highest dry mud, however what should you occur to spill food and drinks on the bottom? Odd cleaning can’t take off the stench, micro organism, and the stain. For many who reside at Kansas, good thing that there is pretty a couple of expert carpet cleaning companies.

Day One Trader: A Liffe Story

(Read free) Day One Trader: A Liffe Story

Book Description : “The catastrophic events of 2008 prove that the financial world has not learnt the lessons of my own tragic tale. But anyone who thinks that the world of derivatives is just about greedy bankers who put our pensions and savings at risk is wrong. Day One Trader is the gripping chronicle ofthe unknown working heroes of the Liffe floor who shattered a glass ceiling of elitism in the City of London and helped build one of the few financial institutions that we can be proud of.” mdash;Nick Leeson “As I walked into the members entrance of the exchange for the first time on September 30 1982 I felt a buzz of excitement. I had realised my ambition of being a “day-one trader”. Inside, the fluorescent lit exchange floor bustled with about three hundred traders in orange, red and blue jackets. A brief opening ceremony was overseen by Gordon Richardson, the governor of the Bank of England, before he cut a white ribbon hanging above a pulpit overlooking the floor. I felt at fever pitch as we counted down the start of trading. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!” The bell rang and I watched a scrum of dealers scramble to trade Liffe’s first ever contracts in a heap of frenetic energy.” mdash;From Day One Trader Day One Trader is the exclusive story of John Sussex on his journey from son of a Basildon factory worker, leaving school at 16, to successful City financier and member of the Liffe board. Providing a unique insight to this competitive and often brutal industry, readers will discover the tactics used by dealers to survive the jungle of the pits in a story that chronicles the floor banter and characters that made Liffe a global derivatives powerhouse. Packed full of exclusive ndash; until now unreported ndash; stories, Day One Trader sheds new light on what motivated characters such as Nick Leeson, and provides insight to Liffe floors star traders. Financial experts and novices alike will be gripped by Sussexrsquo;s account of the highs and lows of a career that spanned almost three decades in the history of the financial markets. “John Sussex lived by the mantra of My Word is My Bond. This makes Day One Trader a must read for all traders. Every page brings back a lifetime of trading memories of days that will never be the same.” mdash;David Barnett, Global Head of Treasury, Royal Bank of Canada “Day One Trader describes a journey through a world that came and went in too short a time. The Liffe floor challenged the status quo in the City of London in the early eighties and was itself killed off by technology in the late nineties. John Sussex was one of the great characters of that world and a man of the utmost integrity.” mdash;Richard Berliand J.P. Morgan, Chairman Futures Options

Our commitment to high quality has grown us to turn out to be one of the Higher Midwest’s leading transforming groups. Right now, we proceed to serve Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin with premium remodeling services delivered at trustworthy costs. We fortify our business by building stronger, more efficient and more lovely houses for our clients—all the time working to develop house enchancment solutions tailor-made to their way of life. Our price-pushed work propels us ahead as a prime-tier service, and we design every facet of our enterprise to mirror our pledge of excellence.

Discover photos, movies, ideas and ideas for your residence and backyard. Do it yourself dwelling enchancment and DIY restore dwelling improvement projects, home restore, kitchen remodeling, plumbing, electrical, painting, real property, and adorning. Whether or not it’s kitchen reworking, living room make over, bed room ideas or plumbing, this app gives the how-to information for home improvement and home renovation initiatives.

Are you pondering of improving your house? From smaller tasks akin to substitute windows or including an outbuilding to embarking on an entirely self-constructed dwelling; our recommendation and interactive guides can help to steer and support your undertaking, from the strategy planning stage by to completion.

Although revealed to be an excellent salesman and TV personality, Tim is spectacularly accident prone as a handyman, often inflicting massive disasters on and off the set, to the consternation of his co-workers and household. Many Software Time viewers assume that the accidents on the present are accomplished on function, to reveal the consequences of utilizing instruments improperly. A lot of Tim’s accidents are caused by his gadgets being utilized in an unorthodox or overpowered manner, designed as an instance his mantra “Extra energy!”. This widespread catchphrase wouldn’t be uttered after Dwelling Enchancment’s seventh season, 6 till Tim’s final line within the series finale, that are the last two words ever spoken.

Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination (J-B O-D (Organizational Development))

[Mobile pdf] Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination (J-B O-D (Organizational Development))

Book Snippet : Appreciative Inquiry–a book in The Practicing Organization Development Series–is for leaders and organizational consultants who are ready to abandon the familiar tyranny of complex change programs. Recognizing that human systems are constructions of the human imagination and therefore capable of change at the speed of imagination, the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process frees organizations from the restrictive orthodoxy of “deficit based change” and allows them the freedom to mobilize strategic change and focus on the visible and tacit strengths of an organization. AI is capable of engaging whole systems at amazing scales–easily engaging hundreds or sometimes thousands of people, often in a matter of weeks or days, to leverage the positive core of the organization. Tap into the rich and inspiring “high point” accounts of personal or collective capacity and link this “positive core” to any change agenda. Once you have have determined what is really working, transformations never thought possible are rapidly and democratically mobilized. “This is a book about the future of organization development. It is a practical guide to appreciative inquiry for organization leaders and organization development professionals and it is a comprehensive explanation at the speed of imagination.” –Peter Sorensen, professor and director of the Ph.D. program in organization development and master of science program in management and organization behavior, Benedictine University

Remember to use daring, italics, heading tags (especially an H1), and different emphasis tags to highlight these key phrase phrases—however don’t overdo it. You still want your language and writing fashion to learn naturally. Never sacrifice good writing for SEO. The best pages are written for the user, not for the search engine.

Constructing a European initiative for a Human Internet that respects the fundamental values of privateness, participation and variety. The Next Era Internet presents new functionalities to help people’s needs and to address world sustainability challenges.

Beneath this high layer, the transport layer connects functions on completely different hosts with a logical channel through the network with applicable knowledge change strategies. It supplies a number of services together with ordered, dependable delivery (TCP), and an unreliable datagram service (UDP).

When Googlebot crawls a web page, it should see the page the identical approach a median person does 15. For optimal rendering and indexing, all the time enable Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image recordsdata used by your web site. In case your website’s file disallows crawling of these property, it immediately harms how well our algorithms render and index your content. This may end up in suboptimal rankings.

Professional Nomad

[Read free] Professional Nomad

Book Note : Go behind the scenes for a firsthand look at the corporate culture, values, management styles, challenges, and opportunities that cause organizations to succeed or fail. In this straight-talking account of his life and career as an international business executive, Maurice Marwood guides the reader through the corridors of corporate power and offers down-to-earth strategies for succeeding in a ldquo;globalizedrdquo; economy. Throughout his 40-year career, Marwood fought to defend the virtues of capitalism and free enterprise against a constant onslaught of socialism and anti-business elements. Working in over 85 countriesmdash;in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asiamdash;he was often on the cutting edge of international business developments. He first visited China, for example, shortly after the death of Chairman Maomdash;at the very beginning of the countryrsquo;s period of phenomenal growth. Later, while living in Taiwan, he devoted several years studying the history and culture of the ethnic Chinese, analyzing the complex, antagonistic relationship between the Peoplersquo;s Republic of China and the Republic of China on Taiwanmdash;as well as the reluctant role played by the United States. Marwoodrsquo;s candid memoir of his on-the-job successes, failures, and frustrations intertwines with recollections of personal adventuresmdash;mountaineering, marathoning, cruising, and divingmdash;alongside reflections on ethics, morality, spirituality, and the epidemic of mysticism that destroys the lives of so many. Professional Nomad is not only a reference for those aspiring to a successful career in international business; it is a blueprint for a flourishing lifemdash;personal as well as professionalmdash;one lived with passion, determination, and ultimate satisfaction.

What to do together with your auto scrap metallic??

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You’ll be able to enjoy the journey to the fullest with the good multimedia options associated with the satellite tv for pc navigator. One of the different amazing options of the device is the Level Of Curiosity that permits you to store a place of your choice in the gadget and it will provide you with a warning everytime you reached close to to that place.

2)If attainable take a tourIf they may allow you to, stroll around the body shop and discuss to the staff members. You may ask them about their expertise, how many years they’ve been working on this area, and you may get a feel from the mechanics if they appear competent and knowledgeable about repairs.

Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President

[Pdf free] Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President

Once we compare employment and slavery we’ll find just one factor lacking in the relationship between the slave or worker at one facet, and the master or employer on the opposite facet. In slavery, the slaves were unwillingly doing the jobs, while getting food, shelter, and clothes (the fundamentals) from their masters who become wealthier. The staff, however, are willingly (as if they’ve the selection) doing the job, and getting cash from their employers to pay for their food, shelter and clothes, whereas again making the employer wealthier.
ADP Nationwide Employment Report

Internet promoting is among the most widely used strategies to recruit individuals for jobs today. I generally is a workaholic, and generally must remind myself to steadiness my private life with work. Chandran mentioned that with folks cooped up at dwelling throughout this era, many have realised the need of their companies, with many artists offering these at no cost as well.

Freelancing is actually applying your skills from house. Data entry, computer programming, internet design, writing, information entry, modifying, translating and researching are some of the ability sets that may land you a freelancing job. Working from dwelling permits you to set your individual schedule and take breaks for exercising and stretching whenever you choose. Be creative with your work station; set it up with the intention to perform a few of your work while standing. Websites like help connect freelancers to employers securely.
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Lastly, a “career” is a lifetime journey of constructing and making good use of your abilities, information and experiences (wherever these are invested). Put one other means, a career is a period of long-term employment usually in a given space or trade. An individual will due to this fact usually spend a few years in an area or trade and carry out what may be a number of totally different roles. A career is consequently much like an occupation but is commonly much broader, as it may involve a number of linked occupational jobs in the identical or similar fields. For example, a physician would possibly begin as a resident at a hospital, become a surgeon, act as a specialist, grow to be a medical director and eventually turn out to be a hospital administrator. These are 4 very immediately linked occupations but could be thought of a career within the medical discipline.

Book Note : The hidden history of Wall Street and the White House comes down to a single, powerful, quintessentially American concept: confidence. Both centers of power, tapping brazen innovations over the past three decades, learned how to manufacture it.Until August 2007, when that confidence finally began to crumble. In this gripping and brilliantly reported book, Ron Suskind tells the story of what happened next, as Wall Street struggled to save itself while a man with little experience and soaring rhetoric emerged from obscurity to usher in ldquo;a new era of responsibility.rdquo; It is a story that follows the journey of Barack Obama, who rose as the country fell, and offers the first full portrait of his tumultuous presidency.Wall Street found that straying from long-standing principles of transparency, accountability, and fair dealing opened a path to stunning profits. Obamarsquo;s determination to reverse that trend was essential to his ascendance, especially when Wall Street collapsed during the fall of an election year and the two candidates could audition for the presidency by responding to a national crisis. But as he stood on the stage in Grant Park, a shudder went through Barack Obama. He would now have to command Washington, tame New York, and rescue the economy in the first real management job of his life. The new president surrounded himself with a team of seasoned playersmdash;like Rahm Emanuel, Larry Summers, and Tim Geithnermdash;who had served a different president in a different time. As the nationrsquo;s crises deepened, Obamarsquo;s deputies often ignored the presidentrsquo;s decisionsmdash;ldquo;to protect him from himselfrdquo;mdash;while they fought to seize control of a rudderless White House. Bitter disputesmdash;between men and women, policy and politicsmdash;ruled the day. The result was an administration that found itself overtaken by events as, year to year, Obama struggled to grow into the worldrsquo;s toughest job and, in desperation, take control of his own administration. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ron Suskind intro-duces readers to an ensemble cast, from the titans of high finance to a new generation of reformers, from petulant congressmen and acerbic lobbyists to a tight circle of White House advisersmdash;and, ultimately, to the president himself, as yoursquo;ve never before seen him. Based on hundreds of interviews and filled with piercing insights and startling disclosures, Confidence Men brings into focus the collusion and conflict between the nationrsquo;s two capitalsmdash;New York and Washington, one of private gain, the other of public purposemdash;in defining confidence and, thereby, charting Americarsquo;s future.